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“The best mix of Sun Records

meets the Grand Ole Opry that

I’ve ever seen or heard.” 

-Billy Bob Thornton 

  (Actor/Musician )

“Eric Heatherly is one of the most talented artists that I have ever seen.  

He is what I call the total package.  

He's a great guitar player, writer and singer” 

-Carson Chamberlain 

  (Producer )

"Heatherly has an inviting sun-kissed, Memphis sound"

-People Magazine

"My favorite guitar player"

-Duane Eddy 

"He's a triple threat"

-Keith Stegall

"He's an amplifier exploding talent"

-Brad Schmitt 

   The Tennessean


"Heatherly carries the torch for roots music into the future"

-Val Perkins

   Carl Perkins Estate

"Heatherly has found creative satisfaction now that he's no longer a cog in the music industry machine."

-Don McLeese (

© Copyright 2017 by Eric Heatherly

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